Culture, social status, and morality.

When the American artist Thomas Kinkade died in 2012, people of good taste around the world breathed a sigh of relief. One comment on a video reporting his death read “Our long national nightmare is over.” Another proclaimed “I hate Thomas Kinkade with every fibre of my being.” The man and his works were obviously the subject of some disdain, but why is this?

the myth of an organic, black solidarity and the need for a universal, diverse movement of the poor

I just completed my daily quota of ‘blocks’ on twitter. Most of them were black, male, cis-heterosexual, and all of them were wildly problematic. I blocked them not only because their views are repugnant, but because I find that starting a flame war in the comments of some would-be Hotep who doesn’t know the difference between power and freedom is actually therapeutic. There are a lot of problems with my approach, not least the fact that I go out to find fights only to drop them halfway, if only to frustrate my opponents. The other problem, the one that I…

An insect trapped in Amber

A stream of consciousness meditation on burning pancakes and eating carbs while time loses all meaning.

In a week’s time, exactly a week, down to the second, I’ll sit down to write this essay. ‘That’s not how time works!’ the crafty quantum-physicists who form my audience cry, but they’re not sure of that anymore, none of us are. Wednesdays are my best days, which is why I do all my manifesting, my quiet meditations, on Wednesday afternoons after a bowl of chickpea-tomato curry. These days, I am always manifesting, always meditating, and so every day must be Wednesday, in a sense. Wednesdays make me feel good, so every day IS Wednesday now! Anyways, today, tomorrow, next…

One film cannot tell an entire continent’s story, and we shouldn’t want it to.

Imagine this; its a Sunday evening in Cape Town. The sky outside my bedroom is the blue of opal, the sun is warm and casts a golden glow over everything. I’m at my desk, I have five PDFs open, all of which I should be reading, but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m doing the same thing as every reasonable person in this country…no, this world; I’m talking about Beyonce.

Saturday, the 1st of August marks possibly the most important day of 2020. Not because it marked a new month, nor another day in the ongoing political arrests and disappearances…

The Blog(TM)

In which I ramble

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