There is no such thing as the black community-

the myth of an organic, black solidarity and the need for a universal, diverse movement of the poor

I just completed my daily quota of ‘blocks’ on twitter. Most of them were black, male, cis-heterosexual, and all of them were wildly problematic. I blocked them not only because their views are repugnant, but because I find that starting a flame war in the comments of some would-be Hotep who doesn’t know the difference between power and freedom is actually therapeutic. There are a lot of problems with my approach, not least the fact that I go out to find fights only to drop them halfway, if only to frustrate my opponents. The other problem, the one that I most frequently have presented to me is that my approach and those like it, by being combative, by engaging in ‘cancel culture’ (who even knows what the term means anymore) is divisive to the black community and thus the black political movement. While I am amenable to correction (read therapy) what I cannot brook is the idea that the black movement can be divided. After all, one cannot divide that which does not exist.

In which I ramble